How to Get PAID Brand Deals as a SMALL YOUTUBER in 2022

Why Should You Take Branding You And Your Business Seriously!

Having a Branding strategy in your internet based home business is so important to maintain loyal customers. This certainly applies to ideas working from home. I have written a number of articles relating to Branding. Branding is an identity and is how we want to show up and present our business or ourselves to others. It’s a statement of ones intent and can even portray a vision.

Don’t Take No for an Answer: Capturing Lost Online Sales

There are lots of reasons why a mom might leave your site before buying. What’s great about the web today is that you don’t have to take no for an answer. Here are some tips to ensure that your consumers won’t miss their second chance.

Hotel Digital Marketing Plans for the Year 2012

The digital marketing space has a lot to offer today. While some may still argue that the internet remains a “below the line” (BTL) medium for marketing communication, it is changing very fast. Today, organizations are assigning a separate budget for marketing in the online space in order to get maximum coverage for their offerings.

3 Self-Help Tips For Internet Marketing

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a 2-day Internet Business Live Seminar in Kuala Lumpur just to learn and pick up some insider secrets and future trends from 2 internet marketing gurus, Patric Chan (from Malaysia) and Ewen Chia (from Singapore). Judging from crowd in the hundreds, I could see that there were many who showed very keen interest in internet business. As an internet marketer myself, I need to constantly learn and be updated on new technologies, information and insights from others.

Online Marketing Management Is Vital for Internet Business Success

Online marketing management is the key to success for anyone operating an Internet business. Developing a plan lets business owners figure out the best online marketing strategies for their company and helps the marketing team stay on track.

Local Newspapers Around the Globe

A local newspaper is a news publication having news articles and advertisements from the viewpoint catering to a local area. These are printed at one place and different distribution sources are used to distribute them over a relatively wide surrounding area.

How to Convert Online Education Leads

Using SEO and PPC campaigns, among other tools and tactics, are a great way for schools to increase leads and website traffic. In order to best make use of SEO and PPC, schools have to move from an organization that receives inquiries by phone to one that can process leads from the web. Schools that improve their online presence often make the mistake of skipping this step, and, unprepared to deal with a flood of new inquiries, end up not converting leads into to students.

The Golden Secrets On How To Make Money Online Fast

Everyone would want to know how to make money online fast. While some people are just interested in making a quick buck, others want to make money online fast because of genuine financial problems.

Summer Business School Rules: When All Else Fails, Look For The Lesson!

Although Summer Business School did not turn out the way I expected, this micro venture was a success after all. By sharing some of my story, I hope that you will gain some nuggets of wisdom that may help if your business is ever in a similar situation.

Four Factors That Distinguish Leads From Lists

To maintain constant flow of sales most companies use marketing campaigns to get leads from a vendor. But what defines a true sales lead?

Social Media SEO Takes On New Meaning With New Google Algorithm

Social media SEO has increased in importance, thanks to some changes in Google’s algorithms, most recently the Google Panda update. This will have two positive effects on social media SEO. Customers want relationships with their companies and want to hear from companies they trust, and that have provided value to them in the past. As businesses connect with these customers via social media, the business will show up with a high search rank.

Translation SEO Best Practices

Translation SEO may be the next big thing as more multinational companies localize their services, products, and even websites in different countries. Following the best practices of the popular search engines in that country may not always be Google.Translation SEO, if done properly, can help a company achieve the same online success they have seen in their home country.

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